About Us

The Sesheme Foundation has been working with families in our East Toronto communities since 2012.  Today, we are building on this experience with a renewed vision focused on

creating culturally rich and inclusive communities.

Sesheme programs help convey the African worldview that emphasizes the values of family relationships, inclusiveness, child and parental care, self-sacrificing concern for others,

sharing, and even hospitality. Poverty, isolation, and employability are among the

key barriers to a healthy, vibrant community.


Our programs are designed to address barriers to opportunity, inequality and economic marginalization while building on our unique expertise in capacity building, community development and cultural competencies in developing community led solutions.


Board of Directors 


Chair - Simone Atungo

Treasurer - Annik Pierre

Secretary - Lisa Watts 

Director - Sinqo Ndlovu

Team Sesheme

Gladys - Managing Director


Taylor - Social Media Community Manager 


Brianna - Career Resource Coordinator


Robert - Web & Social Media


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

To build economic and inclusive connections for black women and their families by providing meaningful relationships and culturally integrated experiences.


Our Vision

To be an accelerator for black women and their families on securing their path to personal, collective, and economic wellbeing.

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