About Us

Our foundation, formed in 2012, is deeply rooted in family and community values. We have been serving the East Toronto communities since our inception.

When Mrs. Victoria Sesheme Okine came to Canada from Ghana, West Africa, in the '70s, she brought along her African values of community, family unity, inclusiveness, and hard work. She instilled these values in her children and openly shared them with her Canadian community.

Now rising as an ancestor, we carry on her legacy of building strong black families through the economic and personal development of black women, connecting women and families to needed community resources, and giving hope to many facing challenging circumstances and social isolation.

We will achieve this by offering programs addressing the many issues black women face that limit their economic elevation.

Sesheme is a non-profit Foundation that relies on the generosity of our donors, our caring volunteers, community partners, and stakeholders.

As we continue the work to elevate black women and families in Canadian society, we are regularly seeking financial support to carry out our mission. To help us achieve our goals, we invite you to learn more to discover how you can impact or volunteer with us.


Board of Directors 


Chair - Simone Atungo

Treasurer - Annik Pierre

Secretary - Lisa Watts 

Director - Sinqo Ndlovu

Team Sesheme

Gladys - Managing Director


Taylor - Social Media Community Manager 


Brianna - Career Resource Coordinator


Robert - Web & Social Media


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

To strengthen the economic participation of black women in Canadian society by intentionally creating a supportive atmosphere that includes sisterhood, community, and mentorship.


Our Vision

To accelerate black women so they can have a fair chance at building generational wealth and elevating the social status of their families.

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