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About Us


Our foundation, formed in 2012, is deeply rooted in family and community values. We have been serving the East Toronto communities since our inception.

When Mrs. Victoria Sesheme Okine came to Canada from Ghana, West Africa, in the '70s, she brought along her African values of community, family unity, inclusiveness, and hard work. She instilled these values in her children and openly shared them with her Canadian community.

Now rising as an ancestor, we carry on her legacy of building strong black families through the economic and personal development of black women, connecting women and families to needed community resources, and giving hope to many facing challenging circumstances and social isolation.

We will achieve this by offering programs addressing the many issues black women face that limit their economic elevation.

Sesheme is a non-profit Foundation that relies on the generosity of our donors, our caring volunteers, community partners, and stakeholders.

As we continue the work to elevate black women and families in Canadian society, we are regularly seeking financial support to carry out our mission. To help us achieve our goals, we invite you to learn more to discover how you can impact or volunteer with us.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To build economic and inclusive connections for black women and their families by providing meaningful relationships and culturally integrated experiences.


Our Vision

To be an accelerator for black women and their families on securing their path to personal, collective and economic wellbeing.

Our Core Values

Helping Hand

Relationship & Collaboration

We build supportive connections and relationships both within and outside of the community. We will leverage our combined strengths to pursue opportunities and address challenges. We will partner to increase our positive impact on our clients, staff and the community.

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Community Vitality and Belonging

We partner with community members to build caring communities where everyone is valued. We believe that the opportunity to participate in communities leads to a deeper sense of belonging.

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We will be compassionate and seek to understand and support each other. We respect diversity by being inclusive and equitable. We celebrate our cultural strengths.

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We encourage our clients to achieve economic well-being through access to our capacity-building programs.



We provide meaningful experiences for those we serve and help. We will demonstrate integrity and accountability by advocating for improved equity and social justice. 

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We explore and bring to light new knowledge and ideas by instilling our work with imagination. 

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